Valet Parking Tickets White (Pack of 1000)


Valet Parking Tickets (1000)

Vehicle Claim Tags with Car Diagram

Valet Stubs Perforated – Auto Key Tags 3 Part

Index Stock 110Lb Numbered 000-99


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Printed in Black 65lb Cover Index/ Stock color may very
Pre-punched Hole in Key Stub
1,000 Tickets Numbered 000-999 in 4 packs of 250 each – 1,000 Total
Giant Dashboard Number and Car Damage Diagram on Front
3 Part Valet Parking Tickets, 2.75″ X 5.7″ Printed in Black on Gray 110lb Cover Index 1 Boxes of 1,000 tickets 4 packs 250 each 1,000 Numbered 000-999 Giant Dashboard Number and Car Damage Diagram

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Weight 3.5 lbs